What is a Proxy Server?

With the internet often in the headlines for the wrong reasons these days – no thanks to hackers, scammers, viruses and snoopers – a big topic among users is online safety. In other words, how do we protect ourselves when browsing, streaming, shopping and using social media? You may have already heard about Proxy …


Key Benefits of Using a Proxy Server

Major concerns over internet privacy and malicious threats have caused an influx in individuals, businesses and organizations turning to online solutions like proxy servers. But what are the key reasons people incorporate this technology into the workplace and home?

Firstly, a proxy server can control employee inter…


Who is the best VPN service in 2019?

VPN services, once a niche online security platform utilized primarily by businesses, have become incredibly popular within the mass market. Everyday users now wish to open the gates to a free and open internet, bypassing geo-restrictions to browse, stream and download censored content, all while remaining anonymous and safe …

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What is Included with a Free VPN?

With online fraud and snooping on the rise, and many streaming services, websites and apps blocked by geographical-restrictions, many people are turning to use free vpn software for added security.

Luckily, today's hugely popular service known as VPN (Virtual Private Network) caters to those specific needs, rero…


Is a Free VPN Service Safe?

Many of today's popular VPN services are now offered for free. With a free VPN provider, internet users can experience a truly unlimited, profoundly secure and private online world, all courtesy of robust encryption and geo-censorship bypassing, granting users access to currently blocked websites, video streams, downloads…


Will Using a VPN Slow Down My Mac?

If you haven’t already signed up for one of today’s increasingly popular VPN services, chances are you’re probably intrigued by the idea but may be harbouring a few lingering doubts. Amidst these concerns might be the question: Will using a VPN slow down my Mac? Well, firstly, it all depends on what you mean…


Do VPNs work on a Mac?

Today’s innovative VPN (Virtual Private Network) market, which continues to swell and evolve day by day, now extends its reach even further, catering not just to businesses but families and individuals. Naturally, with billions of worldwide internet users utilizing an array of devices and operating systems, VPN develope…


Can You Be Tracked Using Private Browsing?

Private browsing can be used to stop your chosen web browser logging and monitoring important details about your online habits. In private mode, most browsers will disable browsing, search and browsing histories, the online cache and cookies, and will stop storing information added to forms for the autofill function.



What is private browsing?

Private browsing is a feature within a web browser that allows people to use the internet without storing data locally. You may know it as ‘Incognito Mode’ in Google Chrome, or ‘InPrivate’ in Microsoft Edge.

Across all the major platforms, private browsing promises a similar set of core featu…

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What Are the Benefits of Hiding an IP Address?

Your IP address is linked to your internet connection. It tells the websites and other services you use where to send the information you request as you browse.

IP addresses are not always unique to a particular person. But that doesn't mean your IP couldn't be used to identify you, because it always provide…

change your IP address

How do you change your IP address?

With many websites and streaming apps out of reach due to geographical restrictions and censorship, many internet users seek a way to change their IP address. Since your IP tells websites, apps, games and streaming channels your physical whereabouts, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could mask it as another, managing var…


Why is Using a Mobile VPN Important?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) services have been growing in popularity among computer users in the home and workplace. But nowadays, with hackers, fraudsters and unwanted surveillance bodies ominously lurking around cyberspace, it’s also wise to utilize the robust security of a VPN on our mobile devices.

VPN, …


Top Tips to Help Speed Up Your VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN), while an invaluable tool for securing data and maintaining high levels of privacy, can sometimes require a bit of troubleshooting when it comes to achieving desired internet speeds. After all, networking is inherently on the complicated side, meaning that you can run into issues from time to t…

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How VPN Can Help Stream Content You Want to See.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) services, providing an encrypted private channel for data exchanges between a user and the internet, continue to grow in popularity. Since these services offer robust, encrypted security against online data theft and protect user privacy, along with granting access to restricted international med…


How FREE WiFi Can End Up Costing You a Lot

Oftentimes, things advertised as free are almost never as they seem. Usually, complementary services eventually tighten their grip with subscriptions or upgrades. Other times, ‘free’ could unexpectedly end up biting you in the rear, like when you log into a free WiFi hotspot and run the risk of being duped by a te…

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How Does a VPN Service Work & Why Do You Need a VPN?

Do you feel safe when you’re surfing on the internet? When you’re online banking, uploading, downloading and sharing all that sensitive data, only to later hear on the news about hackers, viruses, malware and ransomware?

No one wants to live in constant paranoia in the internet age, but it’s hard t…


VPN Comparison

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