What is Included with a Free VPN?

With online fraud and snooping on the rise, and many streaming services, websites and apps blocked by geographical-restrictions, many people are turning to use free vpn software for added security.

Luckily, today's hugely popular service known as VPN (Virtual Private Network) caters to those specific needs, rerouting user traffic to mask geographic location and open the gates to a borderless internet, while protecting a user's online fingerprint (location, information, browsing history, etc).

But what exactly is included with a free vpn? Well, there’s no concrete answer to that common question since there are simply too many varying services on offer in today's highly competitive market.

Some providers offer you this, some that. Some these features, some those. Some have integrity, some more than others, and some zilch. But it’s almost a foregone conclusion than all of them entered the VPN market – free, paid or dual platform – to make money. Remember that last one.

In all likelihood, most free VPN services out there will offer – upon first glance at least – most of what you seek. If you want to unlock a streaming service unavailable in your country, they'll do it. If you want to access a website blocked in your region, they’ll do it.

But it’s better to concentrate on what a VPN service doesn't offer, or, ‘how’ it actually delivers what it does. While not all brands employ shady practises, some do and continue to, ironically doing the opposite of what they preach by logging and monitoring user connections and browsing, and even selling the data to advertisers.

So, before you sign up, ask yourself if the service seems reputable enough to handle your sensitive data. Why am I getting this service for free? And would I be better off with a paid account (which, it has to be said, is almost always more comprehensive and feature-rich, with enhanced