Who is the best VPN service in 2019?

VPN services, once a niche online security platform utilized primarily by businesses, have become incredibly popular within the mass market. Everyday users now wish to open the gates to a free and open internet, bypassing geo-restrictions to browse, stream and download censored content, all while remaining anonymous and safe from hackers, trackers and snoopers.

Amidst the bustling VPN market are wave-making brands such as the impressive UltraVPN, with services offering top of the line, practically impenetrable levels of data encryption, including ultra-fast connections and cutting-edge, one-click apps available across all devices.

But with UltraVPN and other countless providers offering their services in 2019, which is really the best? Well, since every customer’s needs and circumstances are unique, it’s always wise to jot down exactly what features and tools you require, plus your budget.

For instance, are you looking for a family-orientated package, a single plan for use at home and on the road, or an extensive multi-device plan for a small to large business? Next, after considering what you can comfortably afford, it’s time to do a bit of market research, comparing various leading brands.

Get a feel for each provider, their services and experience in the field by visiting their websites and digesting the thoughts of trusted product reviewers. Jot down your findings and sit back and see what stands out to you. If you’re still unsure which road to go down, you can always ask for the opinions of friends, especially if you’re a novice tech user with niggling doubts.

Finally, don’t forget that all market leading VPN providers, such as UltraVPN, will almost certainly offer a 30-day-money-back guarantee, the industry standard being 30 days. This affords you peace of mind while you develop an adequate feel for your chosen service.