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A VPN will secure your connection to the internet and give you a more unrestricted & anonymous use of the web. We highly recommend you protect your data by using a VPN services. Here you will find reviews of some of the best VPN services which will allow you to compare their features and make an informed decision on the best vpn service for your digital needs.

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What is a Proxy Server?
What is a Proxy Server?

With the internet often in the headlines for the wrong reasons these days – no thanks to hackers, scammers, viruses and snoopers – a big topic among users is online safety. In other words, how do we protect ourselves when browsing, streaming, shopping and using social media? You may have already heard about Proxy Servers – but what are they exactly?

Proxy servers, used by a wide range of internet users such as individuals and businesses, offer enhanced levels of security, anonymity and privacy. Setups vary depending on usage requirements and company policies.

When you utilize a proxy server – basically a gateway between your computer and the internet – all your interne…Read More

Key Benefits of Using a Proxy Server
Key Benefits of Using a Proxy Server

Major concerns over internet privacy and malicious threats have caused an influx in individuals, businesses and organizations turning to online solutions like proxy servers. But what are the key reasons people incorporate this technology into the workplace and home?

Firstly, a proxy server can control employee internet usage. No matter how large the business or organisation, most managers won’t want staff surfing non-work-related websites. A proxy server can be configured to block certain websites and redirect users to a more polite version of ‘not while you’re on the clock, pal’.

Alternatively, some managers choose the monitoring method; a vigilant, somewhat more sneaky app…Read More