Will Using a VPN Slow Down My Mac?

If you haven’t already signed up for one of today’s increasingly popular VPN services, chances are you’re probably intrigued by the idea but may be harbouring a few lingering doubts. Amidst these concerns might be the question: Will using a VPN slow down my Mac? Well, firstly, it all depends on what you mean by ‘slow down’.

If you’re referring to your computer/device’s CPU speed, then, generally speaking, you needn’t worry since you’ll probably be unaware the software is running at all. This is because today’s top-of-the-field VPN providers develop their apps to operate seamlessly and with next to zero interference, running smoothly and without fuss in the background.

A much greater concern tends to be the issue of whether a VPN service could actually slow down your internet connection, becoming detrimental to download/upload speeds, with streaming activities taking a notable hit. The answer to that question isn’t so cut-and-dry, however, as it depends on several different factors.

Some of those include the location of the server, server bandwidth restrictions, encryption strength and protocol, firewall interference (which can sometimes affect CPU speeds), your network setup (router and LAN cable versus WiFi), VPN routing algorithms, and your very own ISP connection speed (very important and often overlooked).

With that said, most reputable, industry-leading providers, such as UltraVPN, are renowned for their ultra-fast connections, with customers often experiencing a speedier internet experience. This is due to those brands going the extra mile to optimize their users’ internet experience by employing service advantages such as zero bandwidth throttling/capping on connections.

After all, what would the use be in handing users the key to a borderless internet, with unlocked geo-restricted websites, streams, apps and games, if internet/CPU speeds were to suffer as a consequence? Today’s household-name brands are acutely aware of Mac user speed concerns, and, in response, consistently strive to build and maintain reliable, efficient services for that clientele.