ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN has close to 100 VPN servers located all over the globe, allowing customers to browse and unblock region-specific content, including media, streaming services and apps, while protecting their identity and personal data. With ExpressVPN optimizing and shielding your online life, the chances of falling prey to hackers, trackers and snoopers are slim-and-none thanks to intuitive technology and robust encryption. Plans are affordable, backed by a no-quibble money-back guarantee.


Security and Privacy

ExpressVPN has a zero activity and connection log policy, and is based in the British Virgin Islands, an area without data retention laws. With a 256-bit AES encryption blanket covering your traffic as it travels around the globe, there is practically no chance of your data falling into the hands of hackers, trackers and surveillance parties. In addition, ExpressVPN utilizes DNS/IPv6 leak protection, kill switch protocols should your server drop out, and split tunnelling. Apps are available for desktop, laptop, mobile, streaming boxes/sticks, routers and games consoles.

256-Bit Strong Encryption
256-Bit Strong Encryption

Ensuring your browsing history stays private.

Secure Firewall
Secure Firewall

Ensures no traffic passes outside the VPN.

Prevents Snooping
Prevents Snooping

Stay safe on public WiFi

Performance and Speed

ExpressVPN’s global servers are optimized for fast connections, with no limits or throttling on its high speed bandwidth. App software is straightforward to set up and runs smoothly and responsively, with simple one-tap/click functionality, requiring little time to become familiar with. Due to the simplicity and speed of ExpressVPN’s software, VPN server location switching can be achieved effortlessly, meaning you can often begin streaming or downloading region-blocked content in seconds.

No Buffering
No Buffering

Network won’t slow down your internet connection

Optimised for Streaming
Optimised for Streaming

Servers are optimized to stream your favourite content.

Integrated Kill Switch
Integrated Kill Switch

Terminate your connection if it starts to fail.

No Log Policy
No Log Policy

No logs of browsing activity

Locations & Support

ExpressVPN provides a broad range of server locations spanning over 90 countries throughout the world, and prides itself on ultra-fast, reliable connections. ExpressVPN also boasts some of the best support around, with its award-winning service providing 24/7 aftercare for its customers. Within its comprehensive support, customers can rely on email, a ticketing system and knowledge base, or ‘Talk to a Human’ Live Chat platforms to resolve issues, whether general, account or technical based.

100 + Locations
100 + Locations

100 + Server locations available

24/7 Telephone Support
24/7 Telephone Support

Provides 24/7 telephone support

Live Chat Support
Live Chat Support

Provides live chat support to customers.

Multi-City Locations
Multi-City Locations

More than one city available in different countries

Customer Reviews For ExpressVPN

Paul - 2 years ago

problem is - Express VPN cuts off several apps including WhatsApp at times. Slows my computer and does not allow me to print through the wireless network. So I am closing it out

TaketheL - 2 years ago

I've used it pretty much constantly the past 2 weeks. I'm not sure what happened with some of these reviews but I've had a good experience. The only thing is I wasn't able to watch hulu on it, but that's because Hulu is invasive and don't like not knowing who you are and tell you to turn the VPN off to watch hulu. I really like Express so far.

Dave - 3 years ago

First, it's based in the Virgin Islands - most privacy friendly government (not British controlled) there is. Second, instead of tracking users by devices (requires records on their part identifying your machine), the just issue you a password and limit the number of connections your password can make - no records kept at all. Overall: the only other VPN I'd consider is NordVPN - which I think is a close second. It's based in Panama which is another privacy friendly country. In one way it's better - it requests frequent testing by a third (neutral) party, and when it falls short of perfect, NordVPN makes its mistakes public and improves them, fixing the leak. Also, NordVPN doesn't track you by device. What decide the matter for me was that ExpressVPN has better encryption. I actually like the way NordVPN handles business better. I've been using ExpressVPN for several months now, using it while researching COVID19 and the upcoming elections in the States. No lag what so ever on android or kindle fire devices. I love it. You set your device settings to allow no internet access without a VPN connection and then again in software and you're leak proof - I've tested this on both devices. NOTE: I've used Cyberghost for many years, and had very good experiences with them. Their engineers are a dedicated bunch. Tech support was awesome. Then learned recently they were bought out by an Israeli group known for flagrant violations of user's personal data and unfortunately I find myself forced to let them go. What a shame and waist of a good bunch for the bad reputation of their new parent company. Also, Cyberghost claims no records, but tracks number of connections by devices - which requires records!

RICHARD - 3 years ago

just cancelled. every time I tried logging on to internet or Wi-Fi I had to disconnect. tried to work out problems with chat room next week it back to same problems. Then I started with problems on my phone on internet or wi-fi for days, talk to apple, carrier ATT, internet provider (spectrum), as soon as I deleted Express VPN on my phone everything was back to normal.

charles - 3 years ago

Worked well in terms of connections/servers to access Netflix, etc. from Europe when traveling Support if you need it is readily available both chat and telephone Yet, BIG PROBLEM, when used in the USA, Starbucks to be specific, it essentially messed up with my DNS etc., so that the PC, on Windows10 so perfectly functional, etc., became UNABLE to login using sbucks wifi and to other stores WiFI - computer retained the ability to connect to my home or friends home WiFi! Endless discussions with Cust Serv, various parts of the world not USA, cheat and obviously phone if trying to debug from Starbucks, to no avail. They seemed aware of the problem they had, yet …. Overall assessment: not serious!

pete - 4 years ago

customer service is horrible canceled after 1 week

Steve - 4 years ago

I have just cancelled my subscription. No complaints about how it works once connected, but it takes forever to connect. I change location, restart the PC etc but the green circle just goes around and around for what seems like forever - certainly 10 minutes is not exceptional. Occasionally it only takes a few seconds, but there must be something better out there.

Gaius Caligula - 4 years ago

Seems to be working great for me. Zero notices informing me of my activities from my ISP. So, I am happy ;)



Windows Compatible

Apple Mac Compatible

iPad/iPod Compatible

ExpressVPN Features

  • Windows Compatible
  • Apple Mac Compatible
  • iPad/iPod Compatible
  • 256-Bit Strong Encryption
  • Secure Firewall
  • Prevents Snooping
  • No Buffering
  • Optimised for Streaming
  • Integrated Kill Switch
  • No Log Policy
  • 100 + Locations
  • 24/7 Telephone Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • Multi-City Locations

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