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Free VPN services will add security to your internet connection to help prevent hackers and snoopers. Some free vpn providers offer you limited locations and you have to pay to get premium servers, whilst other free vpn services will restrict your bandwidth and monthly usage. To help you find the perfect free vpn use our vpn comparison tools and features and make an informed decision on the best free vpn provider for your needs.

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Is a Free VPN Service Safe?
Is a Free VPN Service Safe?

Many of today's popular VPN services are now offered for free. With a free VPN provider, internet users can experience a truly unlimited, profoundly secure and private online world, all courtesy of robust encryption and geo-censorship bypassing, granting users access to currently blocked websites, video streams, downloads, apps, music and games.

But are free VPN services really safe? Generally speaking, the answer leans towards yes with shades of grey – but it really all depends on the VPN provider's software, global servers, encryption levels and general security protocols, among other technical factors.

Beyond the technical side of things, you'll definitely want to take note of …Read More

What is Included with a Free VPN?
What is Included with a Free VPN?

With online fraud and snooping on the rise, and many streaming services, websites and apps blocked by geographical-restrictions, many people are turning to use free vpn software for added security.

Luckily, today's hugely popular service known as VPN (Virtual Private Network) caters to those specific needs, rerouting user traffic to mask geographic location and open the gates to a borderless internet, while protecting a user's online fingerprint (location, information, browsing history, etc).

But what exactly is included with a free vpn? Well, there’s no concrete answer to that common question since there are simply too many varying services on offer in today's highly competitive …Read More